Well friends, I owe you a big thank you. A few months ago I posted this blog “HELP CATHOLIC DAD SEE MORMON FILM”  about how you can help the nationwide expansion of the acclaimed movie, “Once I Was a Beehive”.  And now, On October 30th, my Dad will be in the theatre watching the movie near his home in Chicago (AMC RIVER EAST Theater). Just look how happy you made him:


I’m not sure whats going on with the outfit, but I love the thought of him rummaging through his wardrobe and finding anything that resembles “camping”.  This photo preceded 8 other out-of-focus pictures sent by my mother (will the image of your parents using a camera phone ever NOT be funny?)


I am as happy about the films expansion as my Dad is. See:


Outside of Chicago, we are also expanding all over Texas, Northern California, Seattle and Portland areas, Atlanta and even to Times Square in NYC!  Amidst all the excitement of the expansion there is one conversation that I keep having:

“We loved your movie!”
– Beautiful LDS woman with such perfect skin that made me jealous of Mormon genetics.

“Thank you so much! Please tell all your friends to come”
– My robot self who is programmed to say this sentence.

“I will tell all my LDS friends”
– Beautiful Woman.

“You should tell ALL your friends”

“I don’t think my non-member friends would…’get it’.”


You know how you apologize for wearing flats and not heels to a fancy dinner party. You feel the need to explain to everyone why, but no one actually notices much less cares?


I argue people do get it.  But since so many people have the same reaction I started to wonder. Maybe since I am married to a Mormon my perspective on this was skewed.

So I asked my friend Kaley (you may know her as “Mindy”- the red-headed favorite”):


…who visited her hometown in North Carolina to promote the film how it was received among the “Gentiles”.

“How was it?”

“The high-school reunion was great, but HE didn’t even show up!”

“He is a little boy trapped in a mans body” (we digress, but to know more about the boy-who-didnt-show-up you can ask Kaley on Facebook) “How did the “Beehive” screenings go?!”

“Wonderful! Everyone loved it, just loved it.”

“How much of the crowd was Mormon?”

“Like no one!  But it didn’t matter, everyone loved it!”


Check out what all these non-LDS sources had to say:

An Asheville, NC native:

“When I walked out of the packed theater, I felt such a loving warmth…it did feel as if I had received the biggest and best hug ever. Yes, ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE will hug you tightly and leave you feeling loved.”
-Jean Caldwell
Or an Arizona paper:
“Once I Was a Beehive” has an optimism that, before all is said and done, is easily instilled in moviegoers of all ages and faiths.  It gently but genuinely promotes its principles, leaving viewers feeling uplifted and hopeful, assured that the bonds we build and nurture will get us through absolutely anything. “
Or a North Carolina newspaper:
 “It is a charming film about faith, healing and coming of age. It is not preachy. It is touching. It is as sweet and rich as honey.”
Kai Elijah Hamilton – For the Times-News
The movie doesn’t feel “Mormony” to people who aren’t Mormon.  They don’t think is it too “inside” because there are “Beehives” in it because they don’t know what a “Beehive” is outside of an actual nest of bees.
“Beehive” is a slice of Mormon life. And I can tell you from everyday life experience, that when it comes to the Mormon religion,  its much easier to have a slice of the pie rather than digest the whole thing at once.
ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE is “… a film everyone can connect with. It is not a Mormon film. It is a film where the characters happen to be Mormon.”
Hendersonville News. North Carolina
Let’s help people connect. 
We only have a few more weeks in theaters as “Beehive” spreads to different cities. Ill bring my Catholic Dad, you bring your agnostic co-wroker and we can all sit around a campfire to discuss love, lose, hope, healing, Donald Trump and all those HUMAN emotions we can all relate to.
After all Christianity is not, and never was, suppose to be about exclusion.
Check out this link to see where and when it is playing.


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